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HomeResponse to COVID-19

  Here are the services we ARE offering for our members right now:


1)  Well-being checks and social time by phone or Skype/Zoom


2)  Grocery and medicine pick-up, to be delivered to the member's doorstep only, with no in-person contact


  • For grocery/med pick-up services, the member must be able to pay for their purchases by phone or online directly with the business. Village Neighbors strict policy states that volunteers cannot have anything to do with members’ money, checks, or credit cards, ever.  


  • If a member is unable to do phone/online payment themselves, they must have a friend or family member do it on their behalf. Then the VN volunteer can go do the actual pick-up and delivery. 


  • Volunteers doing pick-up service must observe self-protective hygiene steps: wear gloves to handle objects, wash hands often/use hand sanitizer, and keep 6 feet of social distance at all stages of the service. If a volunteer or a member of their household is sick, or if they have been exposed to someone with the virus, that volunteer must not do any service for VN (except of course by phone or computer)


  • Members receiving deliveries from volunteers should follow safety precautions: wash hands thoroughly after handling shopping bags and packaging’ wash/sanitizer-wipe everything. Don’t touch your face while handling new deliveries.


If you are a member and would like to receive a friendly phone check-in from a volunteer, or if you need a grocery or medicine pick-up, let us know. We will do our best to find a volunteer to do those services. Remember, you must pay for your groceries or meds yourself directly with the business before we do the pick-up. 


To make a Service Request and reach the Call Managers, email us at: or call that same number, 413-345-6894, extension 1.


If you are a volunteer and would like to provide these friendly phone check-ins, or would like to be called upon to do grocery/meds deliveries, let us know.  Please contact the Volunteer Committee to let them know you’re in! 413-345-6894, ext. 3


Finally: if you’d like to be more involved with VN by joining one of our vital committees, we are holding all our meetings remotely right now, and we’d love to have you. Committees are: Membership, Volunteer, IT/tech, PR, and Services (including Call Managers). 


We are all in this together. Community will help us through. It takes a village to make a Village! 


And please remember to just wash your hands several times a day.


Contact Village Neighbors at: 413-345-6894, and online at